Pure Maple Syrup

Our Sugar House Berkshire Berries' 100% Pure Maple syrup, made exclusively from the maples of Berkshire County, is now available in two convenient sizes.

The 8 oz. Glass Flask for $ 8.95 and the 12 oz. Glass Flask for $10.95. Inquire today while supplies last.

Have you ever wondered what is takes to produce a gallon of maple syrup?

The general rule of thumb is...

  • Mother Nature's blessing
  • Warm days and freezing nights
  • 4 healthy maple trees, 40 years old

  • 2.
  • Weeks of Preparation
  • Enough wood to heat a house for 24 hours
  • 4 taps drilled, equipment cleaned and repaired

  • 3.
  • Hours of gathering & boiling sap
  • 40 Gallons of sap gathered & 39 gallons of water evaporated
       to yeild one Gallon of Pure Maple syrup

  • Raspberry Syrup BUT...

    It can actually take more gallons of sap than 40 depending on the sugar content of the sap.

    The longer the season run the darker the syrup gets and the more water you have to evaporate to make the syrup


    Each spring 1,000,000 gallons of sap are gathered from maple sugar trees in Massachusetts. This sap is boiled down to syrup in 200 sugarhouses across the state.

    Just a few more helpful tips from your friends at Berkshire Berries.

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